Complaint Responsibility Department Phone Number
Animals: City Street 620-340-6339
Dead in Road/Small Animals City Animal Control 620-343-4200
At Large City Animal Control 620-343-4200
Chickens/Livestock Permits City Animal Control 620-343-4200
Exotic Animals City Animal Control 620-343-4200
Deer/Large Animal   Wildlife & Parks  
Buildings & Structures:      
Unsafe Structures City Code Services 620-343-4270
Dilapidated/Unkept City Housing Specialist 620-343-4275
Curb & Gutter Repair City Public Works 620-340-6339
Driveway Standards City Engineering 620-343-4260
Easement Maintenance:      
Over Vegetated Ditches Owner Public Works 620-340-6339
Drainage Ways Owner Property Owner 620-343-4260
Fire Hydrant Obstruction City Fire Department 620-343-4230
Grass & Weeds Owner Fire Department 620-343-4230
Intersection Obstruction      
Single Triangle Inspection City Planning/Zoning 620-343-4260
Junk Vehicles      
In the City City Police Dept. 620-343-4200
Metropolitan Planning Area City Planning/Zoning 620-343-4268
Permits & Questions:      
Signs City Planning/Zoning 620-343-4268
Fences City Planning/Zoning 620-343-4268
Parking Lots City Planning/Zoning 620-343-4268
Right-of-Way Excavation City Engineering 620-343-4260
Right-of-Way Obstruction City Engineering 620-343-4260
Sanitary Sewer:      
City will investigate:      
Service City/Owner Underground Utilities 620-340-6339
Backup City/Owner Underground Utilities 620-340-6339
Slow Draining City/Owner Underground Utilities 620-340-6339
Sanitation Billing & Service City Water Service 620-343-4244
Sanitation Service:      
Change in Service City Public Works 620-340-6339
Complaint City Public Works 620-340-6339
Trees/Bushes/Debris Owner Property Maintenance 620-343-4275
Automobiles City Police Department 620-343-4200
Broken/Unsafe City Engineering 620-343-4260
Street Obstruction City Street Department 620-340-6339
Street Maintenance:      
Pothole City Street 620-340-6339
Traffic Signals City Street 620-340-6339
Ice/Snow (8a-5p) City Street 620-340-6339
Ice/Snow (after hours) City Street 620-341-4335
Transfer Station/Recycling City Public Works 620-340-6339
Hours/Accepted Materials City Transfer Station 620-340-6360
Trash & Junk City Property Maintenance 620-343-4275
Trees & Tree Limbs      
Dead Trees - Private Owner Refer to Tree Service  
Dead Trees in Right of Way Owner Property Maintenance 620-343-4275
Stump Cutter/Right of Way City Park 620-341-4365
Limbs Over Sidewalk Owner Property Maintenance 620-343-4275
Blocking Street Signs City Police Department 620-343-4200
Utility Locates      
Physical City Public Works 620-340-6339
Planning/Design City Engineering 620-343-4260
Water Leaks City Water Service 620-343-4244
After Hours City Water Service 620-341-4335
Water Quality City Water Plant 620-340-6370
Water Service City Water Service 620-343-4244
Other Utilities Services      
Kansas Gas Service n/a Gas Service 1-800-794-4780
Westar Engery n/a Electric Service 1-800-383-1183
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