Neighborhood Revitalization Program 2013 - 2018

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80%- 95% PropertyTax Rebate

The City of Emporia is offering a Tax Rebate Program to citizens who make improvements to their property! The Program gives property owners within a designated area the opportunity to receive a rebate for ten (10) years on additional property taxes assesed as a result of property improvements or new construction.

Properties in the designated area eligible for the Revitalization Program include single-family, multi-family, commercial and Historic-Register properties.

For a quick summary of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program read the attached brochure → Click Here

To obtain a complete Application Packet  → Click Here

For history and more detail on the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (the fine print) → Click Here


For questions or applications call Jeff Lynch at (620) 343-4285 or visit us at 521 Market Street in the WLW Civic Auditorium.

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